If you have a second home, we can help you generate income from your property where any of the following situations apply to you: you do not want to let your home for long periods; you have had negative letting experiences in the past, with unsatisfactory tenants; you have decided to sell your property but want to wait until the market improves; you live abroad but would like to generate income from your property and still be able to return to it from time to time.

We offer you the possibility of generating income from your apartment, simply, safely and flexibly by arranging exclusive short lets on your behalf.


We manage every aspect of the letting: all the paperwork and all ongoing maintenance. You do not need to worry about a thing.
Booking: we handle bookings round the clock and promote the apartments both through online channels and national and international portals as well as to our own business clients.
Check-in/check-out: guests can rely on the help of our bi-lingual staff who are always on-hand to assist. At the request of guests, we offer additional services such as tour guides, booking of tickets for events, chauffeur-driven car hire etc.
Cleaning: our trustworthy and trained cleaning staff ensure the apartment is clean on arrival and on leaving, and they are available on request during any guest’s stay.
Restyling: should your apartment require upgrading in any way, we would be pleased to advise on how to improve it both in terms of function and feel. We are available both to advise on, and execute, any restyling works required, according to your agreed budget.


Punctual payments: no more problems with defaulting or late-paying tenants. We vouchsafe to maintain a continual and transparent relationship with you, advising you as needed, and guaranteeing punctual payments as stipulated in the agreement.
No more bureaucracy: you will no longer need to wrestle with satisfying all the bureaucratic and legal demands around letting your property. We will do all that for you, guaranteeing that you keep well within the requirements of the law.
Promotion and competitive pricing: we constantly monitor local property prices so that we can suggest the best price that will guarantee you a continuing return. We also know how to best promote your apartment through the leading property portals and social network sites.
Retaining occasional use: you can occupy your apartment for agreed periods and/or when it is not occupied.
Flexible agreement: you are free to cancel the agreement at any time within the agreed notice period. Depression affects all sides of life including sexual health.

For more information, do not hesitate to contact us. We would be pleased to provide any further information you may need.